You Too Can Crush it with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing with less Followers!


Okay here is the deal my friend… I am simply a wife and full-time mother residing in the northern UK region of Merseyside. I saw the potential that pinterest affiliate marketing and Online marketing in general could have on my income.

Plus, this very website and blog, I had been working on for just over a year with barely any traffic or action for that matter circa 2015.

It is easy for people to see what they see today and think I maybe have some advantage they don’t. Maybe I am a guru of some sort (I am not, I dislike that word).

Could I have access to some secret resources’ others may not? Nope…Honestly! 

I was and truly am an aspiring, ambitious stay at home mom. Looking for any way to make life better for my family without pulling my hair out in the process.

Did you know you can get paid withPinterest? Yes, I am talking getting paid to pin on Pinterest, but NOT by Pinterest.

And by the way, you should read this episode in conjunction with our post on …Then you will really take off faster than others…

You Too Can Rock Pinterest Affiliate Marketing With less than 500 Followers! Here is how!

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Anyhoo, I smile a secret smile every time I hear someone say:

“I don’t understand Pinterest? And I don’t use it for my business…”

And I say, I don’t understand cars, but I drive one and I love driving from A to B.

In the same way you don’t have to understand the technology behind it, yet you can use it to get paid with Pinterest every blessed month.

Way back when Pinterest allowed affiliate links back on the platform, we did share how you can addaffiliate links to your pinswithout getting flagged for spamming! A very important skill for this specific episode too, so dig in.

So now that you know how to do the good deed. Let’s get you paid by pinning your affiliate products or branded products on Pinterest.

How to Make Affiliate Money on Pinterest

Well, First things first, this is like a wine tasting kinda thing. And just like a tasting session, I won’t hit you with gallons of the stuff. Rather a very Clear And actionable Plan on How to get started making some money with Pinterest affiliate marketing!

If you like what you see here, you are ready to stop playing small and start making some money, you may then like to take a look at the Ultimate Pinterest Roadmaphere.

Here is the Dealio

I don’t do fluff and I don’t have a magic wand for you, this course is real Applicable Stuff I have used to grow our Pinterest following to thousands across all our profiles!

My Training focuses on a sustainable system for busy entrepreneurs and marketers who don’t have eons of time to be stuck on Pinterest pinning for hours to get a pittance.

The lessons are Quick and Actionable, thus you will be in and out of your pinterest within 10 mins each day if that, If you Do the Upfront Work.

You definitely will get your first 100-1000 followers at least!


Alrighty, I know, you aren’t different from many other people who say:

“I don’t want to do anything that requires me to market or sell to friends and family, and I definitely don’t want to recruit people. I want something more passive and subtler!”

Then you are in the right place. Trust me you can and for many eCommerce and affiliate product sellers, this is how they make that extra cash or even full-time income.

I mean if you made an extra $1k+/month, what would that do for you?

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In every article on Juleskalpauli, we like to gift and empower you with a POWERFUL FREE resource that you can take, implement immediately and create desired results in your business. 

This week, we’re talking about how to Create Pinterest assets that Convert Faster, increase your follower base and traffic to your online offers… So, we put a great resource together for you to help you do this on Pinterest for you and your business.

It’s called the “Pinterest Domination 101- 7 Steps to make 2-3 sales/week Daily with Pinterest”

This guide will help you know How to connect, Communicate, Collaborate and cross boundaries with pinners and turn followers into raving fans and buyers of your offers.

I love the Pinterest Domination 101 Resource simply because

  • We have used it to build a focused fan and follower base on Pinterest.
  • And I also use it to attract more customers to our business.

Therefore if you haven’t yet started to leverage Pinterest properly for your business then you will need to get started doing so today!

So, let’s get started… Fact, to make money on Pinterest like others do

You gotta pin your content andaffiliate links of those great products/offers that others are looking for. I am not talking about the “recruit others” type of affiliate income.

Nor am I talking about amazon affiliates trickle income. I am talking about multiple programs making you passive income…

You of course need an affiliate program and you can find a few via JVZoo or Click bank. Or you can head to my secret sauce called which I teach my private mastermind members.

In that particular program, you get paid per click, as opposed to waiting to get paid per sale! There is a very big difference!

Or you can join our very own Affiliate program where we pay out up to 25% commissions per saleright here.

Once you are approved for an affiliate program, you get started creating your Pin Images. I useCanvato edit my personal images. And I teach you how to use this amazing platform for even more swag.

Plus, I have a list of 101 Royalty Free Images resources online inside of the Ultimate Pinterest Roadmap.

Now that you got your Pin Images, its time to get started pinning.

If you have a bit of a budget, you can also promote your pin/content whether organically or you put some skin in the game viaPromoted Pins, the idea is…

When someone checks out your pin and clicks through to linked content and they purchase a product, YOU get paid a commission or if it’s your product, you get paid. ?

You may be wondering, WHY Affiliate Links on Pinterest?

Well my answer is why not? Its as good a gig part or full time as any and you don’t have to carry product or have a shed load in your home. You don’t have to chase friends or family to buy or recruit anyone either. You simply are “The online middle man.”

All you need is traffic, and Pinterest has a ton load of that and will send it your way if you Pin consistently, and also be a giver!

Understand that you can create pretty links, or Shorten those “ugly affiliate URLs” with URL shorteners!

You can create numerous Pin Images, use various URL Shorteners and Pin your product over and over…. As long as you also share other content in between and be a Giver rather than just posting own content! You will be just fine!

#2. Have fun with this. Secondly, share your interests, Hobbies, Skills and Create an atmosphere of value around your Pinterest real estate.

And you can Pin as much or as little as you wish!

Pro Tip: Like any platform worth leveraging, you have to be consistent with your Pinning efforts. At least get your content pinned/saved daily.

The beauty is you can spend as little as 10 mins per day doing your Pinterest stuff. And still see a lot of brand exposure, growth and traffic to your offers including affiliate links!

Automate & Track Your efforts:

I tell you what is even better, you can automate your efforts and triple your Pinterest action by using a Scheduling resource calledTailwind.

With Tailwind, you can schedule your content in advance including other people’s content you wish to mix things up a bit. And you can ensure your Pinterest is active even if you were on vacation or on a business trip.

With automation you will definitely attract sales whether you are working, beaching or sleeping!

Pro Tip: with this tool, you can pin from anywhere in the world. And you can niche in with your target audience, including inbound marketing…Or Local Market targeting! 

I guarantee you, our audience is global and varied. At some point we had an influx of German buyers, we are yet to determine what caused that spike and why it stopped.

All I can say is we are grateful for having access to such platforms like Pinterest where we can share our offers globally for FREE! At least the majority of Pinners, right?

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Let’s Look at the Numbers – Make affiliate sales with Pinterest

Those that know me, literally have watched my Pinterest journey right from our Social experiment, to launching fully loaded 8 module 25 Hours watch time Pinterest Course; The Ultimate Pinterest Roadmap! And not forgetting publishing a book on Amazon.

So, understand that what you don’t track you cannot scale…Because you don’t know what worked and what didn’t.

Imagine you get a pin go viral and this pin is not yours, but you pinned it and well one of your followers loved it and they sent it skyward… 

Picture a different scenario…Its your pin and it has a promotional link aka affiliate link and you start to see some moolah coming your way!

Well wouldn’t you love to pin that content a few more times to the relevant boards and beyond across the month? Of course you would.  Well you can have this happen to you esp. if you followed my truly simple yet unknown techniques inside the Ultimate Pinterest Roadmap!

Then you gotta track your pinning efforts and you want detailed analytics. The only tool I know that will give you that and help you schedule out your pins for more viral juice and more of the good ole benjies isTailwind.

Understand that…

In all this I have one aim; to share with you how to Make Money with Pinterest!

This then presupposes that you can make affiliate income with pinterest starting today!

How much do you want to make? An extra $100 – 1000 per month or A full time Life changing income?

Whatever your goal from using Pinterest you can achieve with less than 25 minutes effort per day!

NOTE: Like anything worth getting, you got to put in the upfront work, the elbow grease at the start to create the momentum.

The content you will need to share must be of value to a specific audience. And the affiliate products related to the value you share can then be solutions to problems, needs or desires.

Be sure to pin to at least 3-5 of your most popular Boards…you want that cash dontcha?

If you have no affiliate products, you may like to check out ourAffiliate platformand you can start to make commission starting today!

Some other pinners are earning over £500+ per month. How about you? 

Word to the wise: Like any other business worth doing, Pinterest affiliate marketing takes a lot of upfront unpaid and sometimes discouraging work and a little bit of lady Fortune to see the income you require…

Yet I see you still here reading this post…Meaning you want in.

You are tired of waiting for the free gravy train to park at your stop…

And the feast and famine game just doesn’t hit any spot!

So, why not gift yourself an early Christmas present and get either myBook on amazonor go all out and gift yourself the Ultimate Pinterest Roadmap? And you will get the Book Free if you do so via the Button below

Because you are worth it…

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To your Abundance

Live. Learn. Love

Julie Syl Kalungi

Creator of “The 4cFormula to your First 10K online”.

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Like any other business worth doing, Pinterest affiliate marketing takes a lot of upfront unpaid and sometimes discouraging work and a little bit of lady Fortune to see the Income you require...



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