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Videolova Review (10 Big Bonuses)


Videolova Review

Create Your Own PROFESSIONAL and ATTRACTIVE Marketing Video 60% FASTER, Using Only Powerpoint!

Hi! Thank you for checking out my 100 percent impartial review of Videolova. My name is Dan. Welcome to Top Make Marketing Blog.

I’m gonna be breaking down this new video kit by videolova right alongside you. I recently acquired it for my own use, tested it out, and I’ll go ahead and say that I’ve cultivated a fairly well-formed opinion about it.

Honestly, Videolovahas both its good and bad points. Those will be covered momentarily.

But just so you know, if you choose to order your own copy of Videolova right here while the offer’s still valid, I’ve got a special bonus package for you, which I have constructed to help you get the most out of Videolova.

Does that sound fair to you? Glad to hear it!

Moving on…

Videolova Review-How Can This Kit Help You Succeed Online?


Marketing Expert States That Video is The Future of Marketing.

videolova is Immediate Video & Graphic Templates for ANY Marketing Function Developed Using Nothing … Only Ms.POWERPOINT

a Mega Pack of Video and Marketing Graphic design templates that’s specially created for ANY marketing function. All Provided for You, Easy to Modify … and Ready to Use.

The very best part is …

Even this item including Video and Graphic design templates, but to deal with these templates you DO NOT NEED any Video or Graphics software such as Photoshop, After Effect, Camtasia … and so on

. NO … you do not require any of that complex software.

New Powerpoint Innovation To Create Sophisticated Video That Can Be Done in 3 Simple Actions:


videolova review
videolova review

videolova review

watch this 2 demo videos  for a visual representation. That will clear things right up for you. 🙂


Videolova Feature:

Videolova Is Not Simply Regular Video Design Templates … It’s A Package of Ready-To-Go Marketing Video & Graphic Templates Specifically Created for E-Commerce Promotion, But Also Can Be Your ALL-IN-ONE Marketing Solutions.

ELEGANT Quality Design Templates
All the Brand name Identity created in details and creative, professional, eye catching, cool, and attractive. You’ve complete alternative to tailor it as your desire

Easy To Use and Modify
it’s absolutely very Easy to use and customize, without need any innovative or Pro Design ability to develop creative marketing Videos.

NO NEED To Start from Scratch.
All the templates are all Ready-made– Totally Editable design templates special created in-house by leading expert video maker and online marketer.

ALL-in-ONE Bundle.
Big range of design templates in a Single Bundle. Covering a wide range of Company, Event, Item, Service, and for ANY Marketing function.

NO MORE Video Software.
You do not require any more costly video software application, all you need is only utilize Powerpoint that currently, I’m sure already installed on your computer.

WORK SMART & From The Box.
Everybody can deal with these design templates, No knowing curve, advance ability, or perhaps degree needed. You can be more creative as you can!

HUGE Money And Time Saver.
To get “Videolova” you’ll just need to invest a couple of dollars, and all your video development can be done in hours!
It’s truly big spending plan and time saver for you.

You can be creative as you like with our 460+ collection of Brand name Identity Style templates that can be customized to your business brand name. Be more creative as you can!

Videolova- How Much Does It Cost?

As I’m writing this, you can pick up Videolovafor a modest ************.

The price will only go up from here, though. So if it’s still cheap, you may wanna grab it now. Otherwise, it may still be worth however much it’s selling for when you’re reading this. Still, if you can still get it for the tiny special price I just mentioned, you may be better off to buy Videolova right now!

Videolova- What About Bonuses?

in addition to the Videolova kit , I’m also giving you a few awesome bonuses. Here’s what I’ve put together for you…

When it comes right down to it, I very seriously want to know that you’ve given yourself every advantage to succeed here today! That’s the purpose that this bonus package is aiming to serve. I do make every effort to never offer any “$25,000 value bonus package” nonsense, as this would only insult your intelligence and not really help you.

Here is what you will get when you purchase estvid through my link:

1-WP Video Focus WordPress Plugin


WP Video Focus WordPress Plugin is a plugin that allows you to clip your video and serves as a widget to any corner on your page.

This allows your videos to visibly continue playing when a user scrolls down a page, so they are still able to see the video and not only hear it.

This will help to keep your viewers engaged throughout your entire video while they are exploring the content/other parts of your page so you will never lose the engagement & attention of your viewers that often results in loss of leads and sales.

The plugin will also allow you to position your videos anywhere you want and customize it to make it relevant with your website/webpage design or branding.

There are MANY more amazing features such as countdown-timer, share button and animation/ effect that will help your page get sky-high conversions and engagement.




2-WP Notification Bar WordPress Plugin


WP Notification Bar is a WordPress plugin that enables you to create, design and display a notification bar on your site.

This plugin also offers a wide range of contents that you can display as well as the flexibility to design the elements according to your preferences.

At the same time, this notification bar generated along with the contents are designed to be responsive so that it is readily available to all users on any device.











3-WP Swift Page Plugin

WP Swift Page Plugin


This Plugin Will Let You Instantly Increase The Speed Of Your Site While Drastically Reducing Your Bounce Rate And Getting Your Visitors To Stay Longer!

The Features Are :

– Remove RSD Link, WordPressShortlink, Adjacent Posts Links, Windows Manifest, WordPress Version, and all RSS Feed links

– Move scripts to the footer

– Merge scripts to one file

– Defer parsing of javascript files

– Remove query strings

– Load Javascripts files from Google Libraries

– Remove WordPress emoji script

– Manage plugin scripts and plugin styles in page

– Move styles to the footer

– Merge styles to one file

– Minify all CSS styles

– Remove extra font awesome styles and extra dashicon styles

– Lazy load images to improve speed

– Compression level

– Optimus API Key

– And much, much more!


4-WP Profit Page Creator

WP Profit Page Creator

instantly Create Money-making Pages That Are SEO Friendly And Will Bring Profits Day After Day With Little Content!

Discover A Brand New And Highly Profitable WP Plugin That Once You “Fire It Up” Will Generate You Endless Sales!

These are some of the features and benefits of this amazing WP plugin :

–  Create money pages in less than a minute.

–  It’s easy to use thanksto its user-friendly interface (it will take you seconds to get familiar with the admin interface).

–  Add affiliate links or any type of links with ease.

–  Extremely profitable – you only have to send traffic to your money page and you are ready to collect payments!

–  SEO optimized: the money pages are optimized so that you can get traffic from Google, Yahoo or Bing! (justimagineall of the organic traffic that you will be getting)!

–  No need to create lots of content – this is very easy…with WP Profit Page Creator you don’t need to waste time writing a lot of content. Just a few lines and you are ready to rock and roll.

–  Perfect for affiliates as well as for product creators – if you are into affiliate marketing then you will love this plugin as it will allow you to generate endless affiliate commissions!

–  And much, much MORE!


5-WP Tube Maximizer

WP Tube Maximizer

This is one-of-a-kind tool that will allow you to quickly and easily monetize or add content to ANY Youtube video in your blog, so that you can keep your audience engaged and double up your profits in a hassle-free way.

You only have to enter any Youtube video of your choice  (within your blog, naturally) and add your ad or content to it: you can link any type of affiliate offer, your own products, apps, JV Zoo, Warrior Plus or even Clickbank products

These are the interesting and life-saving features that you will be able to enjoy once you get started with the WP Tube Maximizer :

– Deadeasy to understand and, more importantly, to use – You will be able to use this incredible plugin even if you’ve never used a WP plugin before!

– Monetize or add content to any videos in LESS than 5 minutes flat and watch your income soar!

– Choose between different types of content or ads: Paragraph, Title, Link, or even Button.

– Ultra-flexible placement of your ad or content: choose between top, bottom or both.

– A myriad of customization options for maximum impact: different types of fonts, sizes, colors, styles, background colors and borders. There are NO limits when it comes to creating any type of winning combination!

– A cool option that sets different actionsafter the link or button is clicked by the users:  Directs the user to the page (redirect to any URL of your choice);

– Display an eye-grabbing pop-up, where you can add content such as: opt-in form, text + information button (so that you can offer your products or others);

– Social links for maximum social exposure.

– You can conveniently set up the width and height of your video, use autop

– show and hide Youtube controls and much, much more!


6-Video Ad PopUp Plugin

Video Ad PopUp Plugin

This Plugin Allows You To Display Banner Ads or Optin Forms Over Videos !









7-WP SEO Tracker

WP SEO Tracker

WP SEO Tracker – Track important SEO metrics for unlimited websites from one dashboard !

Now you can analyse SEO status of all your websites, posts, pages and sub-pages within a few seconds right from the WP Dashboard.

This plugin will not only tell you about the page rank and alexa rank of your web pages but also generate a detailed analysis regarding on-site and off-site SEO factors like meta tags, head tags, page speed, external backlinks, inbound, outbound links and much more !

Here are some of the features with which WP SEO tracker will help you rank better :

– One-click install
– Ranking analysis
– On-age SEO
– Backlink tracking
– Website, page, post
– Unlimited domain


8-Work At Home Methods Unleashed



Home business is the way the globe is going to go in the close future.

Gone are the days when individuals knuckled down over their office desks. This is the age where the conception of career liberalization is truly going to gain ground.

Are you going to be a piece of it as early as you are able to or are you going to hold off and watch till everybody has tried it out first?

The ideal way is to get into this as quick as possible and make a name for yourself in the home business genre as soon as you are able to.

This eBook has all the knowledge you would require to launch a business from the comfort of your own home!

Introducing ; Work At Home Methods Unleashed – Discover Numerous Ways To Make Money From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Affiliating with businesses in order to market them isn’t a fresh idea. But what you have to know here is that it may make you a millionaire and you would not even have to physically adventure an inch out of your home.

What are individuals on the Net mainly looking for? Data, that’s right! If you supply them the data they are looking for, you are a winner the whole way.


9-Super Affiliate Marketing Methods Exposed


Since I’ve been a successful affiliate marketer and have trained many affiliates on how to be more successful, I thought it could be helpful to provide some info about what I see that is needed for the mindset of a super affiliate.

If you’ve played around with affiliate marketing but aren’t making a bundle yet, then you might find that some of the things I mention in this book are issues you need to resolve right away so you can get there with less effort.

Introducing : Super Affiliate Marketing Methods Exposed – How super affiliates make the most money with only 11% effort

Be A “Bum”

Basically, the BUM marketing technique is about authoring articles on your niche topic and posting them to article directories.

These articles get scooped up by the major search engines like Google high in the search results related to your keyword choice.

The mystery to BUM marketing dwells in the keywords. Essentially, you need to discover keywords or keyword phrases that a high number of individuals are seeking on search engines which have modest competition or a low number of pages in the search results.

Beneficial keyword phrases are ones that have approximately a hundred searches monthly but less than 100,000 pages in the search results on the search engines.


10-A Simple Guide To Promoting Affiliate Products


Are You Tired Of Making Pennies From Your Blog?

How About Converting Your Blog Into A Money Making Machine?

You Have To Go Only As Far As Your Computer!

You Can Make More Than $10,000 A Week!

Introducing … Simple Guide To Promoting Affiliate Products …

From this ebook, you will learn some quick tips on finding the best affiliate product online and promoting it on your website!

And see the dollars flow into your account without moving a step away from home!



After you purchase through my link send me a mail to with the jvzoo purchase details and i will send you all the bonuses within 24 hours


These hyper-inflated value bonuses generally tend to consist of rehashed PLR silliness. More often than not, these aren’t actually designed to enhance your online success. My awesome bonuses, conversely, are. 😉

In all, I’d say that Videolovais worth the small investment, and then some. If you agree, then you can purchase it using this link now. Take note, this deal ends soon, so take advantage while you still can.

My hope is that this has served you well. I’m sincerely trying to aid you in making the best decision that you can make.

Too many aspiring entrepreneurs make investments in money-making software programs, but never actually use the stuff. Very few people take a piece of software and use this software to maximum effect. I implore you to be one of the rare folks who does.

Purchase Videolova via this link  without delay and enjoy my special bonuses. You won’t regret it. 🙂

I appreciate you being here!

– Dan

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Videolova Review (10 Big Bonuses)
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“Finally! Discover How To Market Like A Pro On Instagram In 8 Easy Steps!”

Get Free Access To This Exculsive Report So You Can Start Profiting From Instagram!
Download Free
We Hate Spam and promise to keep your email address safe.