Team Treehouse Review: Is Treehouse any good?

Learn programming, design, and more—all on your own time

Team Treehouse is an online technology-oriented platform that facilitates learning in web design, web development, mobile, and game development.

Being said that, you may ask me why should someone try Treehouse while there are free options (Code Academy, Khan Academy, etc) to try out.

You can access Treehouse courses for a monthly subscription of 25 dollars and you can pause your payment anytime in case you are not studying and you won’t be charged until you have again renewed the account.

Unlike the free course sites, Treehouse courses provide a structured approach to learn coding and the team treehouse tech degree plan has some great features like code playground, code challenges, project exercises, quizzes, and course incentives to help you to find a job in the coding field.

Treehouse is gearing up in the learning industry space and currently has around 1000 videos under its kit. All the courses are into technical training and they don’t have any non

vocational training currently other than how to start a business training course. 


Treehouse Pricing and Subscription Plans:

Treehouse is a paid online platform designed to help students learn how to code.

Basic Plan: You need to pay $25 as a monthly subscription to start using Treehouse courses.

->Treehouse discount-4 month off basic plan

Benefits: You can access as much courses you want, participate in student forums and undertake code challenges to track your coding skills.

Techdegree Plan: Just like Coursera, opt for a $199 monthly subscription to get an accredited techdegree certificate. 

Benefits: You get added benefits along with the basic plan benefits such as customized course curriculum, projects reviewed by peers,a portfolio consisting of 12 real world projects and much more

How to get started with Team Treehouse?

To sign up and use their free trial, enter your name, email address and create a password to start with Team Treehouse. The free trial is for 7 days from the day you have signed up.

You have to submit your credit card details as a mandate to complete the sign up process.

Once you have successfully signed up, Treehouse prompts you to enter your interest area and provides course suggestions accordingly.

Team Treehouse also sends you email containing suggestion of classes you should enroll and sends reminder email of how many free days left in your trial.

You can access everything from your account dashboard. All course library, student’s forums, your account related settings, and treehouse help can be accessed from the left menu of your dashboard.

Your dashboard also show your progress in each course with a feature called course trackers.

Team Treehouse Course Interface:

Team Treehouse interface is one of the simplest to use and one of the most user-friendly platforms out there.

Lots of schools in US actually use Treehouse to teach kids about coding as their dashboard is so easy for school kids to try their hands on coding.

You can find the courses to be divided into two types: Individual classes with hours of training in particular skills say HTML basics and CSS and Track classes where there are several individual classes grouped together in areas such as Android Development, WordPress, Python, and Ruby on Rails etc.

After learning a few hours of video, you need to attempt Code challenge tests and quizzes to know where you stand currently in the subject you are learning currently.

The best part is you get your test answers checked by Treehouse immediately and can track your mistake and progress in the subjects before moving to the next topic.

In case you cleared and got a pass in the test, you get a badge, course points and congratulatory email from your instructor (great booster when you are self studying and help you to complete courses at a better rate).  

Team Treehouse Advantages:

  • Team Treehouse has some good basic introductory courses for beginners on a variety of technical subjects. It would be great for somebody starting their profile in coding.
  • You get a 7 days trial to know about their course quality before paying  a subscription fee.
  • Treehouse facilitates to pause your subscription anytime and you can renew your membership as per your convenience.
  • Team Treehouse have inbuilt tools that are user friendly and helps learning courses easier than other online platforms. Right from finding your relevant course, to check your course learning progress and accessing your forums you have everything available in your account dashboard.
  • Team Treehouse students forum is an active community where you can get help from others students regarding your coding doubt.
  • Treehouse courses support all mobile app platforms. So you can study your courses on the go with an iPhone app or Android app.
  • You can even learn offline by opting for a teamtreehouse free video download but to attempt the code challenges, projects and quizzes you need internet access.
  • Team Treehouse has track courses on various aspects of web development called Ruby Path, JavaScript path, HTML/CSS path, and iOS path to help you get started with coding.
  • The coding playground feature on the dashboard helps you to get hands on with coding real time during the classes.
  • The treehouse techdegree plan with an array of benefits is great for those who are career focused and planning to make a living out of coding.

Team Treehouse Disadvantages:

  • You need to provide your credit card details to use their 7 days free trial.
  • The danger in providing your card details is that, your card will be debited automatically for a monthly subscription, in case you forgot to check with treehouse after the trial period.
  • So, make sure you either pause or remove your subscription to avoid money wastage.
  • Since you need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $25 to study their courses, you need to make sure to utilize it to the maximum extent.
  • If you are not sure what you are planning to learn ,the best option is to opt for free online courses like Coursera, Codecademy.


Is Team Treehouse Worth it?

It is to a great extent.  Apart from individual learners, it has a popular appeal in schools and business to take their course because of its damn easy interface and structured courses modules for absolute beginners in coding.

Their Techdegree plans are making head turns in the online learning industry and is giving good competition to Udacity and Coursera which follow a similar business model.

But for advanced and experienced coders, Pluralsight, Codeschool and Udemy might have an edge over treehouse. Solely because of the vast array of advanced coding topics which you will find limited at Treehouse.

I find their course incentives (badges, points system and congratulatory email) very creative and interesting and it somehow has an impact to help you complete courses quickly and properly.

Overall Team Treehouse is great option to wet your feet on coding and their track courses and techdegree plans definitely assist individuals looking to shift careers in coding.

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