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10 Website to make instant money online absolutely free

10 Website to make instant money online absolutely free

Hello everyone. today, I'm going to do something fun, Motivating, and educational at the same time. I decided to set myself a challenge For something that I know many of you wanted me to do. Can I find 10 websites online Where can you make money without a job for free? It is true. I want to find 10 totally free sites Where you can earn money Without having to spend any money to earn it. Without hidden subscription services, Without hidden fees, nothing of the sort.

It might even become a chain if you like it. But you know, the challenge does not end there. I decided to raise the ceiling of the challenge. Can I find 10 sites where I can earn money online for free Without a credit card? You know, I think I achieved the goal.
Now a disclaimer, those ten sites, It will not make you a millionaire overnight. But as you will see, by working, People were able to build sources of money on those sites, Including inactive income, And who now earns them a full-time income Which I think is very cool. I hope this article encourages you And it breaks those mental barriers That you may be suffering from, Where you think about things like, Oh, you need money to earn money, Or you need to live in America, Or you need a credit card. Because you know, those myths are unreal. What you actually need is work.

So, let's start.

1- join

let's start strongly, Because this site is the first, it can be used internationally. Yes, this site makes money from people around the world. But to do this, you'll need to know the secret method That I will show you.

Now, when you see this first site, I don’t want you to get through it quickly, Because I bet some of you will say, Denny, look, I am not talented enough “To earn money using this site.” But you know, I bet this is not true. So, the first website, What is Redbubble and how do you make money from it? Well, it's a site that allows you to make money By creating and selling customized products online. It lets you do things like a t-shirt, Phone covers, things like that.

But how do you make it? Well, it's simple. Once you create an account, which is completely free, You only need to enter your name and email address. You can start uploading artwork and designs to products In literally less than a minute. Without the need for a credit card. You can choose the products you want to list and sell With your artwork on the Internet, You can customize your products, Choose colors, model, Then describe your custom product and your title. And when a customer buys one of them, Like T-shirt, Redbubble is a production warehouse By printing your T-shirt design, Puts the t-shirt in a bundle, Then ship it to the customer Automatically, without doing anything.

In this industry, we have a name for the service. They are called print-on-demand. As you can see, once you create And raise your designs to products, You have an income that is absolutely inactive. With Redbubble, they pay you a commission On every sold product With standard commission rates of 20%. Because they pay you as commission, You will never pay any fees. So the sale is free. Now I can imagine some of you, There are two major objections You may have it now. The first objection. Well, Denny, but is it really free? Sure, I can make a T-shirt to sell, But what about data traffic? Should I not pay to advertise my T-shirt? The answer is no. Do you know how people come to eBay They search for the products they want to buy? eBay has invested a lot of money in advertising at least.

So it is very popular now So much so that it is called a destination site. People come here and buy products every day, So most eBay sellers earn money Only by people looking for their products. Well, Redbubble is the same. Is a destination site. People come here looking for the products they want to buy. That is why most sellers on Redbubble earn money Through the free data traffic that their lists get Via the search bar. We now turn to objection number two. Well, Denny, that's great, you know, But what if I'm not a graphic artist, you know? Look, this is a great picture on the phone's cover But I can't draw it. You know, I can't either. I can't draw those jackets And I can't draw this cool t-shirt, But here's the thing.

To earn money on Redbubble, You don't need to be an artist, I will prove it to you immediately. We will head to one of the most popular products Redbubble t-shirt We'll look for fun t-shirts By writing fun in the search bar. I suspect many of you will be very surprised, Look at this.

instant money online absolutely free
instant money online absolutely free

These are some of our bestsellers Now on Redbubble under the name Merry T-Shirt, Some are amazing text designs.

Now, let me ask you a question. Does designing this t-shirt seem difficult?

Because I'm going to tell you now, it's so easy. I have very little graphic design skills. I usually hire those who do the designs for me, But even I managed to repeat this design And he made a design very similar to it Using the free app Canva Using open-source fonts and licensed for commercial use. And it took less than five minutes Because it's literally just text. Anyone can make this t-shirt, Raise and sell it, This is the secret. If you do not possess graphic design skills And you want to make money, Focus on selling cute t-shirts Because most of the time it adds simple text design Humor and makes it more fun Than if it contained a more sophisticated design.

Well, I sold your funny t-shirt. Gorgeous, But how do I receive the money, Denny? Well, Redbubble has two payment options. First, they can pay directly via Paypal Or they can pay directly to the bank. Now, unfortunately, bank deposits Available only for a limited number of countries, However, there is an alternative solution, It is a Pioneer. With Pioneer, you can set up your own American bank account To receive money online for free. Most people think that you cannot prepare Pioneer Redbubble Account Because Redbubble requests a physical bank address This is not what Pioneer tells you about your account information, But they will send it to you If you contact them and ask for their support.

By doing this, people can connect Pioneer Bank accounts with a Redbubble account, And they received payments in it. Now I can imagine how you think, “Denny, it all looks good and everything, “But is that really simple t-shirt “Well, you know, he's making money on Redbubble?” The answer is definitely. Do you see how this t-shirt is here? In the search results. Well, Redbubble is similar to Etsy. If you write fun t-shirts in the Etsy search engine, I will get many results too. In fact, there are thousands of fun t-shirts on Etsy, Literally. So how do they choose a t-shirt Who will include it on the first page? The first way that the search engine determines this Sales are.

If the t-shirt is popular, It will take a high position in the search results. Thus we know that all t-shirts are on the first page It was popular recently. Likewise, with Redbubble, We know all those t-shirts The first page was popular recently. So yeah, simple text designs, if they're cute, Greatly sold. But Denny, you say, “How do I get those initial sales “In order for my t-shirt to begin promotion “For bigger words like fun and I'm still in the beginning?” Well, there's a secret method that I'm going to show you.

Instead of making a cool t-shirt wider, If you have no ideas, Create a specific sector design Look for sectors and groups of people Was ignored. So, for example, this t-shirt here Very specific, right? Relates to engineers. This is a good Idea Because engineers have a passion for their jobs And they like to wear specific clothes by profession. There is only one problem in this sector If at Redbubble we looked for a fun engineer t-shirt, You know, we'll see that he's their Lots of t-shirts already That we will compete in sales.

So, this is what you should do. Come see if there is a group of people There is no T-shirt already made for them. So, if we search for another passionate career, Science teachers, we'll see that, yes, There are a lot of T-shirts made for them She has jokes about teaching science exactly. But what about another kind of teacher? How about a drama teacher. If we search for this, We will find something interesting. While there are t-shirts aimed at people interested in drama and theater And teachers' T-shirts are generally. There are very few of them directed specifically to drama teachers. This sector is wide open For someone who makes great fun t-shirts for them It takes all sales and data traffic As a gift for drama teachers. Because again, if you will come to the search bar, And this time I wrote gifts for drama teachers, You will see, again, you will get gifts Intended for theater lovers Gifts for teachers in general, But very little is directed at drama teachers Because this group was completely deprecated on Redbubble.It is wide open for you and anyone to enter And makes great products.

2-join Skillshare

I think many They may get to know him Because it appears on YouTube a lot, But you may never know That you can make money from it, In fact, some people gain from it Over $ 100,000 annually, mostly non-active income. Now, there are two ways to make money on this site. The first is the slow method, It is the clearest way To earn money from him. However, after this, I will tell you about An unknown way for many to make money from it faster, And to earn much more money From the first way. And don't worry, when many see this site, They will say, “Look, Denny, I don't have enough skill. “I do not have sufficient rehabilitation. “I can't do it.” However, if you keep reading, you will see that You do not need special abilities or have any skill at all.

So This site sponsors many YouTube users, usually, people come here They pay them $ 10 a month To access all of their video shares. So, for example, if you want to learn how a latte works, I could just write this in the search box and suddenly, I’ll see a bunch of free video quota to watch.
everyone is available it has a Skillshare share job And starts earning money from them. I, you, anyone. On average, new teachers earn between 200 to 3,000 dollars in the first month, Which is very cool, But this is not the best part. The best part is that once you enter your classes, All the money you earn is inactive. And remember, they earn that amount In the first month and with their first cycle. Imagine what happens when they make Another course then another course.

The sum doubles. Once you publish your share, You don't have to do anything Thus, people can earn Over $ 100,000 annually with Skillshare. How to profit in Skillshare For every minute you watch your videos, You win money. If you want to learn how to make pressed French coffee, I will watch a five-minute video Then he will be paid for each of the five minutes.

Well, all this means is a thousand people Watch a large portion of this course, But the majority, the overwhelming majority of people They only watch the videos they want. For example, most people will come here and say, “You know, I just want to know “How cold stomach coffee works.” Because they only saw this video, They will not be considered students, But he will get the money For all these views.

As you can see, this video is very simple. Maybe filmed with a cell phone and poor lighting. Depending on the sound quality, Maybe I use a cell phone microphone. Here’s another video course. And it's literally just someone talking While recording his screen. No luxury montage required here. And if you want to make more money from your rations, You can put it on our third website, Udemy.

3-Make instant money online absolutely free with Udemy

Udemy is another website It also allows you to sell your courses. Unlike Skillshare, a subscription service, Here, people buy your courses individually. For this reason, earnings on Udemy tend to be higher. estimates about 40% of the stakes earned more than $ 5,000. Actually, I have a friend who wins around $ 25,000 per year for one course and that's great. But, you might think, “Well, Denny, that's great and everything, “There are only two problems.

First, I have no skills. “I have nothing to study. How do I make a share and then sell it? “And Denny, I have another problem with all of this. “This is great, you know, “But you know, I want more money than that.” Well, never be afraid, I will help you. Here’s what you’re doing. Check this out. If we come here and write Photoshop, As we can see, many people want to learn Photoshop.


And guess, you can do it for free. Most educational videos Mixture of speaking and slideshow Talk and view screenshots For people editing inside Photoshop. Even if you are like me And you have, in parentheses, a funny accent And people don’t like how you pronounce words, Never be afraid because a lot of Photoshop lessons are taught It is made by people who have foreign accents. But anyway, let's go to YouTube We write Photoshop lessons. You will get several educational lessons. And you know what you can do, Popular topics and videos can be taken. To recreate it yourself, These videos are then included on Skillshare and Udemy. You don't need to be a Photoshop expert. But wait, Denny, “You say, “You don't need to pay $ 10 “To buy a monthly Photoshop subscription?” No, Photoshop has a free seven-day trial. Carry it and work hard these seven days And recorded a lot of educational videos. But wait, Denny, “You say, You don't need money to buy a screen recording program “To make these videos?” No, listen to this.

There is an open-source screen recording program, There is a free video editing program For you to use. But wait, Denny, “You say, “Do you need to buy a microphone to make voiceover?” Well, not if you have a phone that records audio. Things get better than that, Because Adobe has an affiliation program You can use it to earn more money. If you don’t know what affiliation is, Let me explain to you.

I am here on my site, Wholesale Ted. Now if we click on the link, We'll move to my favorite ecommerce platform, Shopify. And if we look at the page link, We'll see that it has an extension tracking code. This means that Shopify keeps track of whoever clicks on it. And if they buy a subscription, I will get commission. And look at this. Every year, I earn more than $ 100,000 annually For Shopify commissions through affiliate links. So yes, I believe strongly It's a great way to make money on Skillshare. Allowed. But you know, not many people do it Skillshare. Once you create your courses on Skillshare and Udemy, Register for Adobe Affiliate Program I get your tracking link, Then put the link in the description Your Photoshop lessons, And tell people that they can click on it Get a free trial for Photoshop.

And every time someone buys Photoshop Or an Adobe product, You will get a commission of 85%. For the first month’s subscription. If you want to earn more money from these platforms, Create video tutorials for the products That have affiliation programs And a free trial period for you to benefit from. Here is advice. Skillshare have two different accounts You can register with them. You can register for a $ 10 monthly account. Which you can easily get a free two-month trial, But you do not need this to do an educational course. To do an educational course there and become a teacher. All you need is their free plan. Of course, once you start And recreate the educational videos that you found on YouTube, What prevents you from posting to YouTube. This is definitely the fourth location on the list. This is one of my educational videos.

It shows people how to set up a Shopify store Using the favorite e-commerce platform application, Shopify. Posted 10, 11 months ago, He collected a small amount of money As Adsense earnings, for one video $ 9,000. Not bad. But the real money, of course Come from affiliation commissions. I put the Shopify link in the video description, People click on it and buy Shopify. While this video collected about 9,000 USD As ad revenue only, He raised tens of thousands of dollars In addition, as affiliation commissions. And the thing is, you might say, “Well, Denny, you're in a little box here, “And I do not want to be “In front of the camera in my educational lessons. “You told me that I don't have to show up in front of the camera “To earn money from educational videos.” You know, that's right.

See this lesson that explains to people How to set up a store in Shopify. It is more popular than my video. No one is in front of the camera at all. Only someone is taking screen only While clicking the buttons and talking. So there is no need for a camera. Therefore, if you do not have a skill Shooting and editing videos, The tutorials are a great way to start Earn money on YouTube. Of course, if you have the skill to shoot video, You may want to look at the following site, Shutterstock. Of course, here you can sell pictures and videos That you take as a pictorial. Will people buy this? Certainly. Lots of money was spent on film materials. In fact, I used film material And this video several times, And some clips that I bought It was incredibly primitive. For example, I bought this clip Anyone can photograph it Only by attaching a 4K smartphone to a holder. That's it. No fictional photography. It's literally just a still shot For people walking in front of the Forever 21 store And who was closed because of his bankruptcy.

I know people who make thousands of dollars inactive Monthly from their wallets. Profit is not by selling pictures. But by selling 4K videos. These commissions give higher rights. If Shutterstock appears as website She loves to earn money from him, I highly recommend focusing on 4K videos.

4-Make instant money online absolutely free with amazon

Now the next Maybe recognized by regular subscribers, I think it will greatly interest you In some of the case studies that I'm going to show you. And here it is, Merch by Amazon. Not many people know this, But Amazon also has its own on-demand printing service It works just like Redbubble.

You need to apply I would recommend searching on Google For best practices for submitting an application. But if you are accepted, You enter the on-demand printing service. All you have to do is upload a work of art or design, Amazon will make these products for you. And you can list Amazon product People can find it Only using the search engine. You can set your price, And add your title and description And edit your entire list. Now, some people use Merch by Amazon As a secondary source of income. Some people use it to earn a full-time income. This t-shirt here, It was built using Amazon Merch with the Amazon software. According to the Amazon Sales Research Tool, Jungle Scout, in the previous month, About 640 T-shirts have been sold.

Now, based on the price of the product, This is about $ 4.5 commission per T-shirt. It was made for this manufacturer About $ 2,800 profit for this month only. For many people, this is full time income. And look at this, T-shirt has a simple text design, Taking advantage of the new parody And the statement that resulted from the incident, This T-shirt is sold well regularly Since its launch, according to Jungle Scout, He only sold about 450 T-shirts this month. And because of the lower price of this t-shirt, It gives a lower commission per t-shirt of $ 3.7. This t-shirt made about $ 1,600 in profit, It is a good side income. And this is the best-selling t-shirt, According to the Jungle Scout Search app, About 1,080 T-shrett. And at that price, he made his maker about $ 3 per T-shirt, Which means more than 3,200 dollars profit. As you can see, this t-shirt has been around since 2017, It makes its inactive maker free of charge.

Just like Redbubble, Amazon, This is clearly a destination site. They do marketing on your behalf, And they bring customers. And just like Redbubble, it is built on commission So if you sell this t-shirt for $ 17.99, Amazon will deduct its fees To sell and produce this t-shirt He pays $ 3.72 as commission. So you don’t have to pay For the cost of producing a T-shirt to sell. Amazon deducts it from the product price. So how do you get your commissions? Well, Amazon pays them to a bank account, This includes a Pioneer account.

5-Make instant money online absolutely free with fiverr

Well, then the next site. It's kind of a bit repetitive but, trust me, don't go through it quickly, Because I will tell you the secret Who will enable you to earn money on it. Well, I'm here on fiverr. Now if you don't know what fiverr is, It is a place for self-employed employers Offer their services In the form of independent services that people can buy. It is free to register and list the services to sell. If you are an entrepreneur, This is a great site for making money.

And seriously, I spend a lot of money here, She spent thousands buying services from people last year, So I know a lot of money can be earned here, Because I pay people thousands of dollars every year. Now usually, people hate fiverr As a suggestion to make money for it Very competitive, But this is because everyone is trying to do business Like everyone Such as blogging service offer.

Many people give it. So in order to achieve sales, you must have Too many reviews to stand out. Or if they are artists, they are trying to make works About very popular services, Such as T-shirt design for printing-on-demand stores. Again, you need a lot of reviews to stand out. But you know, this is not how you earn money As a bankrupt business owner on fiverr. No, check this out. Sports shoes are a popular on-demand printing product. Because it can be sold at exorbitant prices. So I wondered, are there any services Ad-on-demand printing for sneakers is announced. Well it turns out there The only inclusion I can find on fiverr, and that's it. Maybe there is more than that, But it was not prepared properly For search words. Therefore, this listing, although new It gets a lot of requests. This is a service that many want and need, And only one person provides it, And there are a lot of services like this, Have plenty of room to come and take the lead. The important point here is to do a search And don't just try to sell what others are selling.

6-Make instant money online absolutely free with textbroker

if you are a freelance writer living in the united states You just want to make money writing And you don’t want to jostle to find customers, Be sure to visit this site, Textbroker. The way to work is to register on the site, And take a test writing sample. Based on that, you are assigned a level. Most of those I know have good grades In an English class They get a 4-star rating right away, This gives you 1.4 cents per word. Once customized, you can enter For the requests portal, choose an order, And write the article for him. Now, I don’t know about you, But I can write a 1,000-word essay within an hour, This equates to $ 14 an hour with a 4-star rating.

But if you strive hard in writing skill And I got a 5-star rating, You now get $ 50 an hour. But yes, unfortunately, I am almost sure that it is only available to Americans.

7-Make instant money online absolutely free with instagram

the following site is available to all countries of the world. Anyone from anywhere can make money from it.  There are many opportunities For people to make money online with Instagram. $ 28,000 was earned From organic traffic data on Instagram One page has less than 50,000 followers And a sector defined by a friend. The page was created just by posting Great content for a specific sector. They did not pay for any ads. Therefore, the method for converting to a monetary value It was by writing a free e-book Using this free app to write an e-book. Then, they created A two-week trial on ClickFunnels, They created a small website to sell the e-book.

You know, you can actually sell products Using ClickFunnels without paying anything During the two-week trial period Which I found very cool They don't force you to update early If you really try to sell something. After that, they announced their e-book For the Instagram page. And during their first week, They sold for more than $ 7,000. And of course, during the past five months, They grossed over $ 28,600 in total. And they were selling their book for less than 20 dollars. But people, I'm sorry, I have to admit something to you.

I lied to you today. This method was not free, They also bought for $ 8.88 A domain name from And they linked it to their account Instead of using the free sub-domain for ClickFunnels Denny, how are you doing that? You promised us only free ways, And $ 8.88 is not free. That's $ 8.88. Look, I'm sorry, you are right. I will compensate you for that I will offer you completely free means You can use it to earn money with Instagram. Here is one of them. This satirical page on Instagram for cats. When you click on the link in the biography, Take you to their print-on-demand shop Where they sell their t-shirts. And remember what anyone can do. Anyone can create their own on-demand print store With Redbubble, He starts selling t-shirts With free Instagram traffic now, Here’s another way.

Do you see this Instagram page? Created by someone for free Just by reposting cute dog pictures and videos. Well, if we look at their latest posts, We'll see that there is already a video ad for a product Make a custom necklace for your dog. And if we check their biography, We will see a link to their product. This was a paid ad Purchased by this online store Wear Felicity. And they probably bought This ad on Instagram From a site that resembles the next site on my list, Shoutcast. This is a site that allows Instagram accounts Selling expressions of admiration. You usually buy a limited number of hours, After that, it is deleted. This allows for advertisement pages Without hindering their broadcasts with ads. Expression of admiration is an easy, effortless method To earn money on Instagram. But of course, you can take the money you earn from them And reinvest it in an $ 8.88 domain name And earn more money.

So have you fulfilled the challenge? Let me know what you think in the comments section. If you have any other sites to add to this list, Be sure to write it in the comments section. In order to help remove this mental barrier That many people have, That makes them think that they need money to earn money. And of course, if you want more free training On creating an on-demand print shop, Make sure you download my free e-book. “The Six Steps to Six-digit Online Stores “To earn more than $ 10,000 per month.” You will find the link to download the e-book In the video description below.



This is actually an extensive checklist of means on just how to make money online absolutely free as well as certainly not completely could be appropriate for you, nonetheless, there are actually some techniques i strongly believe are actually common as well as anyone, of any type of grow older residing in any type of edge of the planet may take advantage of all of them,

Among all of them, somewhat the most effective one with all of them is actually Blogging which i went for nearly a year earlier.

Anyways which method perform you believe finest fits you?



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