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how to make $3,000 a month online with digital product

in this article we're going to talk about how to make $ 3,000 a month online with digital product. This mini session is for you if you want to know how to make money from home, you're willing to do work.

This isn't just you know, press a button and have magic happen. It'S actual work that comes out of it and you want to make an impact. Lash help people slash even change lives.

You know the last one is not a month, but if it's something that you're willing to do and it's something that is important to you of definitely affect the outcome and how successful you are with this, so I have a five step process. I call it my fives process to make passive income online and, as you can see here, here's a roadmap right and we have:

step 1 is create.

Step 2 is close.

Step 3 connect.

Step4 is hospitalized

Step 5 is continue and I'm gonna go through brief.

Briefly what each one of these so number one is create. You can't sell anything without actually creating it right so step back a minute. You can create the product to sell or other people can create their product to sell whatever it is.

There has to be somebody who's, creating something to sell Prato. This can be like how to products you want to. You know the strategy behind making these products. Is you want to find the right products that people actually need, and in this day and age we can can get away with having short and helpful products? So our products can be long and elaborate, but we also don't have to do that.

We can do short products, meaning like just get straight to the point, as opposed to a whole book right so because both are helpful, the long version and the short version – and we can take advantage of both strategies in how we actually create our content. So some examples and what I call tiny content, because not again it's not long.

He books right. So it's journals, pillowcases posters card, decks, affiliate marketing, automation, templates bonuses, low ticket PDFs, like one problem, one solution, workbooks azon, lovechild method, which is a method that i invented. Elr repurposing licensing print-on-demand how to products licensing again, because that's a lot so my guess principles, one cheaters cheat sheets and so much more, it's just as many as i can think of so. Basically, the creation part deals with something that is either digital product. Like a how to product a PDF or even a kindle book, a digital product in the sense of like a poster or some kind of template or one sheeter, a check checklist that people might need to bring them through a process.

And then there's also content, which is physical content, but more like print on demand. So if we wanted to do like a cute, pillowcase or card decks, you don't have to have our whole entire garage filled with inventory. We can different it on the man, so when the demand is is is there which is a sale, then it gets printed. Ok, so there's a lot of different ways that we can create these product number two is hello and that's the second step, because once you create something, then you have to.

I call it close close the deal or sell it right. How do you sell your product? What do you say? How do you say it? How do you talk to your market? How do you know what they need and what they want and what they desire right, so you have to kind of really know your market.

What is it that keeps them up at night or what is it that keeps them up at night? That makes them excited to wake up the next day whatever it is, you need to know that and that's how you sell your product, making that connection with your buyers and your potential buyer number three is a net. What I call connect and that's helping you connect with people who will get in front of your audience more? How can you out their reach as many people as possible to present your offer once it's ready? You want to find the right people to connect with right.

So if you're selling something like an exercise program – and you connect with someone who does virtual real estate – that's maybe not going to be the best connection for you, because they don't necessarily have the audience that you're looking for right.

So you need to make the connections in the right place to align yourself with people who help and they can help you right and what's also really really important is about connection. Is how to structure deals with your connections right how to make something work. You know be symbiotic both for great parties.

Right need to know how to do that, because if you come to somebody and you say the wrong things and it maybe it's one-sided, which I've seen several times being in the business people don't really respond. Well to that. So you kind of have to know what to say with your powerful connectors or connections or influencers, whatever you want to call them. The next C is and that's the step.

Four is output, allies so pretty much. It means how to grow and how to leverage your assets and then metamour and autumn. So as humans we always want more or we always want to limit, doesn't even have to be more right in hard times. We want good times and dream came true. Somehow, let's say we wanted it, buy our dream home or get our dream job and we finally get that job and then what we want. Something else right, that's what we do as humans and it's totally fine, and we need to kind of know that that's what's gon na happen, so capitalizing helping you more and whatever it is you're doing and grow and scale.

That'S super important and then number five. We have continued, we can't stop once we make one thing right: we need to keep going, don't give up, have fun and live your dream life. So how do you have fun with your business? How do you have fun with the process of making three thousand five thousand ten thousand dollars online? It'S really important because I know for me there were a lot of times when I, until we had to wake up at 5:00 a.m.

Because I was working on a project that I was just so interested in it excited me. I wanted to get to the next step really quickly and that's what kind of fashion that I had waking up with different products that I talked about. He buried here in this very session, just working on projects working on products working on marketing learning all the stuff. It'S what kept driving me to continue to continue to continue and that's kind of what you need when you want to make money from home when you want to have a home-based business right.

So the five steps are here again: three close connect, capitalize and continue and that's the order that they go in as well. So if you like this content so far and you're watching on YouTube, please like comment and subscribe, and also, if you're on Instagram, give me a double heart, because I love you too, and everything that I talked about here is all inside of actually another training that I give for free, I call it my tiny content giant profit system and I go through things like the five C's way more in detail. I show more examples.

I show how I build some tiny content products. I show how to actually choose a niche. That'S all free if you go to Deb drum com, /tc GP, workshop okay and I go through a lot more than I did here today in this in this kind of overview session.

Of what it looks like to make money from home, specifically marry thousand dollars or more from home, I know that $ 3,000 was system $ 3,000 was. My number was my goal before I actually went full-time and quit my job. I wanted to see if I could consistently makes $ 3,000 over and over and over again, for I actually quit my full-time job and I just wanted to see how I can be consistent and once I prove that that was the case, I felt comfortable do and I was doing that part-time my deal, so if I can make 3,000 part-time you can make 3,000 part-time, then you can certainly gale up and do more once you go at it full time all right.

So that's that Deb drunk comm, /tc GP workshop I'll, see you there. Let me go ahead and go to the questions box. Now, that's a good question Donna says to start the journey to 3k per month. What'S a good product to start with and where to sell it, so the best product to start with is some kind of like how-to product and finding the need and them in whatever marketplace. You'Re in.

I actually don't specifically say how to products in workshop that I'm pointing you to you'll see how it applies. I would definitely watch that and then going through all the steps that I talked about to close capitalize and continue. I started with how to product. I know that they're very powerful Donna said I just bought your tiny content giant profit program and that's pretty much everything that you want is inside, especially when I talk about the case studies and the how-to, and also how to take like a simple how-to product Gail That up have some more products to sell, above and beyond that, to make even more money talk a lot about that in tiny, tiny content, drying profit all right. Everyone enjoy the rest of your day, [ Music, ]

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