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12 Minute Affiliate review, you probably got to this video because you typed in 12 Minute Affiliate, so you're probably wondering if the 12 Minute Affiliate program is good for you.If it's a scam, if it's gonna work for you, so what I'm going to do, is I'm going to give you my honest review on 12-minute affiliate as well as some amazing exclusive bonuses that you can't get anywhere else? If you pick up this program not available, so I'm going to tell you about those bonuses, so you'll want to make sure that you stick around to the end of this video but twelve-minute Affiliate gosh.
I mean I could say so much about this program. I've been an affiliate marketer, actually a good affiliate marketer for the better part of well going on three years now, and I've promoted a lot of products as an affiliate. But this twelve-minute affiliate program has to be the most amazing program that I've ever seen. Really that that I've ever seen since I've been online out of any a program, I just don't even know-how, to put it into words, there's a lot of programs that claim to be newbie-friendly to Clint. That claim to be helpful and I've been part of some of those in that, and I've been part of some really good programs, but this twelve-minute affiliate program. It'S truly amazing like it says here on the screen.

It'S definitely a plug-and-play system that finally makes it easy to pocket affiliate commissions even for the complete newbie and there's a lot of programs out there that boast being easy and newbie-friendly. But I'm gonna prove to you and I'm going to show you exactly why this 12-minute affiliate program is newbie friendly and it's not only good for newbies but even see and marketers are going to love this program.

So if you're a seasoned, marketer man you're gonna love this as well, but it's just so stupid, simple to just plug in which is why you know it says plug-and-play that it's just crazy. But this program is developed and created by somebody by Davon Brown, who has taught me so much and is one of my mentors that I followed, for I don't know maybe a year and a half but Devon Brown is as credible. Ask as credible can be. He spoke on stage with Anthony Robbins he's spoken on stage with click funnels. I can't even think of his name right now. I've has drawn a blank. Let me pause the video it's crazy and give you sorry about that.

It'S a Russell Brunson! That'S it's! So crazy, it's crazy when you're shooting a live video but spoken on stage with Russell Brunson, and he has a couple of affiliate programs that are out there that are also newbie-friendly as well, but I'm gonna go ahead and get into this.

I'm gonna take you to my to the back office of 12 Minute Affiliate and show you exactly why it's so awesome. The system is just so freakin awesome, so number one. This system comes with a checklist that you can follow step by step.

If you want to to set this up – and they also have a done-for-you setup, if you don't want to fool with any of it, but it has step-by-step, you know steps that you can do that. You can have this system set up and you can have a full literally a full-blown business set up in 12 minutes or less. I think it took me a little bit longer than 12 minutes to set it up because I was doing some other things.

While I was setting it up, so I didn't just go straight through it, but literally, you can have a full-blown business set up in 12 minutes. There are video instructions. So if I click on that, you can click here to watch the help tutorial open this see. If I can open this, actually I'm gonna go ahead, but you get video step-by-step video instructions here you can press play there, but I'm gonna go ahead and close this out, but not only that you also get a PDF. I don't you don't need a PDF for this

Excuse me in order to set this up, but you get step-by-step instructions to set this up here. So it's really really easy men and women how to set this up. But you again you don't need this to set it up. You can just watch the videos. I don't know why anybody would want to read. Maybe you're a reader instead of a video watcher, but you can set this up step-by-step. It'S really really easy. But let's, let's talk about the benefits of what this program does and what I want to do. Am I'm gonna go. Take you to the whiteboard real quick here, I'm gonna take you to this whiteboard in affiliate marketing, so the key in affiliate marketing is you choose a niche and the big three of the biggest niches are personal development weight loss and then make money online, so this system is set up to for you to build your business in any three of those niches and you can have a business-like, I said, set up for you that you can run within 12 minutes, and this is what you do in affiliate marketing. So you take you, take traffic, which is people you take traffic again, which are people their eyeballs that are interested in a niche and I'm just gonna say you have people that are interested in personal development. You have people that are interested in weight loss.

You have people that are interested in making money online, but you take that traffic and then you send that traffic to a squeeze page – and this might be elementary for some of those. For some of you all who are reviewing this video and our experience. But you take them to something called a squeeze page, I'm just gonna put squeeze here and a squeeze page. It allows you to collect email addresses the names, email addresses, and sometimes now phone numbers so that you can build your list.

The reason why you want to build your list is that your list is going to be your number one asset that allows you to make money online. So when this traffic over here comes to your squeeze page they're offered something these are headlines here.

Something of value in exchange for them putting their email address into this box right here and then a good affiliate is going to also have something called a bridge page. So when these people over here when this traffic enters their information in this box, two things happen.
Number one they're going to be sent to this bridge page and a bridge page is going to get your website visitors excited about. Whatever this squeeze page was advertising, it's going to warm them up to whatever you have for sale. So that's what this bridge page does.

So it's gonna have some bullet points here that are going to excite your website visitors about what they're about to see it's called a bridge page or a thank-you page. Thank you, I'm putting T why, but also what happens when people enter their information in this box where they get taken to are there information behind the scenes? Their information gets stored in a database here and I'm just drawing a little cylinder here and I'm gonna put db4 database.

This is an autoresponder. Your database contains all of your websites. Visitor's email addresses – let's just leave it to that, and this is what happens behind the scenes. But your website visitor is going to see this bridge page. That'S going to get them excited about something that you have for sale right here and when people see this offer here for sale when they see this offer here for sale if they purchase it you're going to make a commission, but more often than not.

Ninety-nine to a hundred percent of the time most people don't buy initially when they see this offer here. So that's why it's important to collect email addresses so that you can follow up with those people, but here's where this system gets really good.

The key here is to follow up with these people here in this database by sending them emails, follow-up emails, and this is where the 12-minute affiliate program gets really really good because everything is set up for you with this system and I've seen A lot of systems that will that have follow-ups done for you that the Creator has created and you can load your autoresponder series with emails and it'll follow up, but the thing about most systems and, as a matter of fact, every system that I've ever seen.

That'S done for you is, it promotes the same exact product over and over and over again, and all that does is ticks people off that are in this database here, because people see that same offer over and over and over again and they're like. Why do you keep sending me the same offer over and over and over again, if I haven't bought now by now, I'm not going to buy, but what twelve-minute Affiliate does that's so awesome? Are they have it set up to where number one you can? The system will promote the top affiliate products out there for you in that email, autoresponder series, and the autoresponder series is a series of emails that are going to go out on your behalf automatically. So let me show you what I'm talking about here.

So if I go down here too and these niches that I told you again, you can have a business totally set up for you in the home business arena and you can see the top affiliate products here. So your autoresponder series is already going to be loaded up with all of the top affiliate products that are out there and your commissions that you can get on any of these products are up to three hundred and ninety dollars and fifty cents per sale. If you're promoting this 12-minute affiliate, this is one of the top programs here, affiliate programs here on, it's free to get an account with Clickbank, but you can get three hundred and eighty-seven dollars and eight cents on here and average rebuild monthly.

If somebody purchases this of three hundred $ 1.94, so these are our almost high ticket products here. These are these. These are disliked mid, mid-range affiliate products as far as the Commission's here traffic Ivy. This is another one. You can get thirty-two dollars and fifty-nine cents per sale here, six-figure success Academy. You can earn average sale or $ 317 and 82 cents, their profit genesis, forty-two dollars and seventy-seven cents, a zip okay.

So all of these programs are already loaded into your autoresponder series for you, so you don't have to worry about if you're, a newbie or if you're somebody that season you don't have to worry about, searching for high converting products that are out there that are going To sell that are going to get your website, visitors excited or your email lists excited about making a purchase. All of these are already included in this autoresponder series, so your system is going to follow up for you and send messages to this database of subscribers.

For you promoting all of these products and if you choose to build your business in the weight loss, niche, look, there's fat decimator there. This is the number one selling I believe: weight loss product on Clickbank that Clickbank has but also lean belly breakthrough another type of product fat, shredder kickboxing. All of these are top Clickbank products that your system will promote for you, personal development.

Again, all of these products are pre-loaded in this autoresponder series that is going to go out to your database, promoting on your behalf. You don't have to write any emails. You don't have to do any of that. So when I say newbie-friendly, this is truly newbie friendly because you don't have to do anything and this system is so simple to set up. There'S no tech required at all.

You can have this system set up and running for you in 12 minutes or less, even if you're just brain-dead stupid. This is crazy and again the benefit of having this pre-done. Autoresponder series: it goes for 80 days. It starts all over. So what's gonna happen is, let me show you something here. Let me show you something here on the step by step.

Let me go to two home businesses here, and this is how you do it here. So what's going to happen, is your website? Visitors are going to be sent to an opt-in page that is built for you. You don't have to build any opt-in pages and our squeeze pages is what I refer to it before, but you're gonna, get your own affiliate link that is coded to you. So if somebody goes if you post this on Facebook or if you buy traffic solo ads for those of you guys have been around a little bit more season, if you buy solo ads or anything, this is a beautiful high, converting squeeze page.

That'S already done for you, that's already been tested and it's proven to convert and get people to put their email addresses in there so that they can be put on your list. But after somebody puts their email address in here and again, this is the headline it says, new business opportunity who else wants to generate easy commissions and create the life of your dreams.

Put this step by step, a foolproof system to work for you, and start getting results. Now, so your website visitor or your traffic, the people that are here they see this page and that gets them excited they put their email address in here and then they click click here for instant access and then they're gonna be taken to a bridge page And this is what bridge would this is the bridge page that they're going to see this page here? This is the thank-you page, and this is what I was talking about here.

First, they go to the squeeze page and then they go to this bridge page that warms them up to whatever offer you're going to be putting in front of them. So this is what the thank you slash bridge page says. It says congratulations! You just took the first step to create the life of your dreams.

If the three statements below describe you, you are ready to take the next steps. I would like to prove the step-by-step system. Anyone can succeed with. I would like to earn a full-time income using just my laptop working from anywhere in the world. I would like to use the same system shortcuts and secrets as a six to seven-figure. Income earners use they click, yes, I'm ready and then they get taken. Let me go back here. They start to get taken to this first product here. So the first product that they're going to see is going to be this twelve-minute affiliate.

Then these follow-up emails are going to be going out to the people that are putting their information in that squeeze page that is going into your database days. One through four are going to be promoting this particular product day.

Four, through eight, are going to be promoting this product for you automatically. This is crazy. These emails go out on your behalf, promoting these products. So when you make a sale, you get paid, nobody splits the Commission with you or anything like that, like most done for you systems so days, four through eight, this product is going to be promoted days a through to a nine through twelve. This product is going to be promoted to your list on your behalf days, 13 through 15. This product is going to be all the way up to 280 days and then it's going to start doing it over and over again. Here'S something else.

If you're a seasoned affiliate – and you know of high converting products – something else – that's really really awesome about this system, and this is super crazy here. So, let's say, for instance, we went to the home business right and you wanted to switch out. You wanted to switch out what people see when they get to this bridge page, and this is for your seasoned marketers that are out there.

You don't want the products that are already done for you in the system. It'S really really easy. All you have to do is click on. All you have to do is click on view edit funnel, and then you can put an affiliate link in here that you want to and promote a different product. So all you would do is put an affiliate. A program of a product in here, so I'm gonna put HTTP semicolon four slashes. Four slash your preferred: Oh pre, furred affiliate. I can't type affiliate product here link, so whatever you want to promote and then you would hit Save Changes and whatever you wanted to promote the system is gonna automatically promote that for you, along with the other product. So this is just freaking crazy, amazing. There is no other system that I know of out there.

i'm telling you I've seen everything, there's no other system out there. That'S going to do all of this, for you now, let's go back to if you're a newbie, and you don't want to go through these step-by-step. You know that watch the videos and all of that. Let me close this out. Close this out, if you don't want to go through these step-by-step instructions or if you're not interested in you to know, setting this up and watching these videos, you can simply get this now, that's done for you, traffic.We haven't even talked about that. There'S there's! A button – and I can't remember where it is, but you can get the system set up for you, so you don't have to set up anything and also you can get done-for-you traffic so again, you're going to need traffic you're going to need people to see this Squeeze page and put their information in here, so you can start building your database and building your list. You don't even have to do your own traffic.

You can order traffic right through the system. So again, this is stupid. Simple. I mean this is the stupidest simplest system that I've ever seen promoting multiple products, whatever you want to promote, and it's also going to build your list for you do all of the following up for you not wearing your list out by promoting the same stupid product Over and over again, like most done-for-you systems, do but promote multiple products in any and any niche that you want so again, I'm gonna go back to this. It'S going to promote these top affiliate products for you in the home business arena.

If your niche is weight loss, it's going to promote the best weight loss, affiliate products where you get paid, if you're in personal development. Again, it's going to promote all of these products so that your list doesn't get tired of you promoting the same exact thing to them over and over again guys.

This is the craziest stupidest simplest, best program, affiliate product that I've ever seen. 12-Minute Affiliate is awesome because it can be set up by you in 12 minutes. You can be in business in 12 minutes. Onyx single has a program where he can set something up and it doesn't even go as fast as this.

It can't be set up this fast. I mean 12 minutes and you're in business and you can promote multiple products where the system does all the work for you. So that's the system, I'm gonna leave a link down below in the description of this video. So you can get signed up and you can get started and get in business within the next half an hour and start earning Commissions on autopilot.

Because, what's going to happen, as this system starts, to follow up with your database you're going to be able to make money while you're asleep, while you're on vacay, while you're out to eat the system, is just great you'll be able to earn a passive income. A truly passive income with this system, so I'm going to leave a link. The link is going to be 12 minutes and you are in business comm, that's 12 minutes and you are in business calm. But I'm going to leave that link below in the description of this video. Now I told you I was going to give you some exclusive bonuses for this system that is just super awesome.

The bonuses that you are going to get when you sign up for this system is number one you're going to get my free ebook. If you're a newbie on online you're going to want to understand affiliate marketing, better you're, going to want to understand how you can get traffic better and what affiliate marketing is and how to put affiliate marketing together for yourself, so I'm gonna leave my book a Link to my book, if you purchase this, if you send me an email, I'm gonna leave a link for my email down in the description, but I'll send your copy of my book. Five simple steps to affiliate marketing wealth down in the description, so you can have my email, but my big bonus is I'm going to give you if you purchase 12-minute affiliate, I'm going to give you a free vacation, either four days and three nights or five or six days and five nights, these vacation locations these resort locations.

Here you can get three nights at a resort in Vegas you can get three nights four days in Orlando Gatlinburg, Williamsburg Virginia and again these are resorts guys. So all you have to do once you become an affiliate once you've kept this system, you have to set the system up, you have to order traffic or you have to leave. Have your system set up, all you have to do is send me an email, saying Damien.

I have my system set up and once you keep the system for a full 14 days, 15 days, actually just so that I know you're not just signing up, so you can get my bonuses and then you're going to refund, because that doesn't help me and it Doesn'T help you so I want to make sure you put in this system in action, but you can get go to all of these places and then you can go out of the country.

You can get six days and five nights at Cancun's. You can get six days and five nights at Port of I oughta all of these places here all the way you know, Thailand, Bali. These are awesome vacations, there's nobody else that has these bonuses out there, so this 12-minute affiliate program is not only going to allow you to set your business up, be in business for yourself, but not by yourself have all of them done for your follow-ups, where You can be earning Commission's on autopilot and earn a passive income, but you're also going to get those awesome, awesome bonuses, so once you've had the system for 15 days, you've set it up simply send me an email to Damien is legendary at

I'm going to leave that email address, so you can send send send me an email saying that you want the bonuses you've signed up for the system and you've kept it for 15 days, I'll, be able to verify that you have and then you'll get. These awesome vacations. Now you can only go to one of these places.

You can't go to all of these places. It'S only one time you can choose where you want to go, and then you're also going to get my book five simple steps to affiliate marketing. Well, so I hope you enjoyed this guy's jump on this program because this is the most awesome affiliate system to promote and build a business with that I've ever seen. So I appreciate you watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. Do me a favor like a video share, the video, if you know somebody else who needs to go into business for themselves, if you know a newbie or you know a sea and marketer that would love this share it with them and also again give me the Thumbs up also subscribe to my channel Damian Ellis and I'm signing out peace.


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